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Follow the Feeling. The feeling the brings us back to the oneness we all share within. A feel of compassion, togetherness & LOVE. This is YogaFest. Since 2015 this festival has been creating unifying experiences that connect us to the heart. Through Yoga, Interactive Workshops, Art Installations, Music Performances, Meditation, Local Vendors & more, YogaFest brings us a playful approach to reconnect with ourselves, with each other & Beyond. Here is the aftermovie from YogaFest Equinox III which took place in Burlington, Ontario.

ONEx team curated both ticketed & complimentary YogaFest's throughout the years, hosting international keynotes & creating opporunities for artists to focus collectively on a common goal, rooted in a deep intention in service to the people of the community. YogaFest has touched the hearts of many & as the world continues to pivot, we look forward to playing a role in ushering in a new earth & state of being with all who resonate. 

Below are a few photos of the some different elements & workshops that took place.

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