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Our team has spent a great amount of time cultivating this partnership with Voyago, a Transdev Mobility company. Through multiple Xploratory sessions we've learnt a lot about their teams short and long term visions with the company. We've learnt about the intention and heart that goes into their day to day operations, as well as the difference they make in our world. While the world is sleeping, the Voyago team is up and at it, connecting communities and helping individuals across the globe get to where they need to go. 

ONEx has supported in crafting a vision aligned with Voyago's new and refreshed recruitment strategy, magnetizing a team truly aligned with their core values as a company. Through sharing authentic stories and featuring teammates, we've contributed to their newly improved, recruitment website as well as continuing the energize the Xperience and corporate culture within their well established business. 

Watch the featured #untoldstories below. 

Meet Deb ...

& learn about how being part of the Voyago team helps her live a life of passion, purpose and freedom.

Voyago recruitment series : Volume I

Meet Vadim ...

& learn about how being part of the Voyago team helps him inspire positive mindsets for generations to come.

Voyago recruitment series : Volume II


By connecting genuinely with the hearts of individuals, and truly listening to their stories through the art of conversation,

ONEx puts a focus and passion around capturing and showcasing authenticity which can then be not only heard, but FELT through a screen.


Are you looking to showcase some of the depth & personality behind your brand or business?

Book an Xploratory Session today and learn more about ONEx can help you with this. 

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