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a brighter future together

We connect artists, smart lighting technology &
premium interior design to bring you a product that evokes a
new sense of wonder into your space.

So, what is It?

AXXENT rendering13.jpg

AXXENT panel systems come fabricated 8' x 4' per unit with interlocking half-lap joints and magnetic contact points.
This benefits for efficient, flat packed transportation while still being securely scalable for any wall or surface.


Through an emerging style of artistic expression,
AXXENT presents a new canvas that brings art, light & colour into your space with a single installation. 

Introducing AXXENT

a new era of #smartart


Upon your order, our design team pairs you with a visual artist
to ask you some questions & learn more about your story. After connecting
on your vision, it's off to the studio where we begin drafting up the first custom renderings to give you a vision for your AXXENT wall's design.

But how is the art, smart?


Your custom AXXENT art design is then cut with precision CNC technology from a selection of bespoke materials.

It is then backlit using nanoleaf® or other LED smart light systems that can then be seamlessly
connected to your Smart Home Device.

a brighter future together

This is getting


Once you've approved your custom art, it's time for material selection & then off to our fabrication team. With detailed precision from start to finish, the art is vectorized and sent to our production facility. Here, it is manufactured, assembled and lastly shipped to your space to be fitted by our AXXENT approved installation team.

ILLUMINATE your home today!

You can integrate your AXXENT panels 
just about ANYWHERE your imagination soars.
Whether it be a living room, kitchen, bedroom.
You dream it, we make it happen! 

AXXENT rendering9.jpg

Interested in a word


custom #SMARTART text signage is also available for design & order

AXXENTuate your outdoor space...

We know those warm summer nights in the backyard are important to you. That's why we've created the AXXENToutdoor signature line. A weather resistant approach to custom outdoor installations & panels!

Book a discovery session with our AXXENT
design team & together we can begin to dream up
your newly reimagined space!

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